French Wedding Florist


Wedding florist in Paris

Succeeding in the floral decoration of your wedding, is a question of finding the right balance with a touch of creativity.

Our mission is to become your wedding florist, decorator, as well as your adviser. We will help you with choosing a colour palette that matches your venue, seasonal flowers to get the best quality products whilst adding personal touches to adjust to your tastes. The mix of our work with your projects and desires will reflect your story.








You're going to say "I do" to your loved one! Here you are travelling the globe trying to find the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding, the Chef who will arouse your taste buds, the wedding dress that will make your heart race and a multitude of details that will give charm and warmth to your wedding.

You have a very precise idea of the wedding decoration you desire and have a thousand things to think of. Between the invites, the gest gifts that will denote from others, and the flowers to match, you are submerged with choices and hesitations.

Gain some time and money! Get some expertise help from a professional decorator and wedding florist to help, advise, and accompany you in your project. From the table decoration to the candles lights, without forgetting floral designs and "do it yourself" touches, let's share your desires and study your colours, styles wanted and ideas.

Whether you are getting married in a Castle, a boat, a Parisian Palace or a charming home, we can offer any personalised wedding decorations, with an outstanding romantic flower selection and qualitative decoration choices to sublimate your special day.

In order to do so, we arrange a "bill of specification", a list of precise comments and details and offer you all our French savoir-faire (know-how) to elaborate the decoration of your wedding as you've imagined it, for this exceptional day to be as perfect as you've dreamed it to be.


The + of our services : 


We handle the delivery and installation of your flowers. We can as well arrange the installation* of your decors and are willing to travel through France and abroad. We dispose of a wide array of beautiful vases that we kindly lend according to your projects. As well as a special ribbon collection to personalise your wedding bouquet and centrepieces.