Eco-sensitive and fascinated by the powerful of the flowers, Lily learns the linear techniques of Ikebana and occidental Floral Art with professor MOF, who had in the past won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. He will make her discover floral design. She then creates her own style beside Ephémère, Daniël Ost et Christian Tortu and creates in 2011 her own floral design studio. Ever since, numerous companies have trusted her for her professionalism, creativity and quality of her work beside a lot of projects.

Lily is referenced at Microsoft France and l'Oréal France who ask her to create creative projects. Among its achievments, she worked for the 150th birthday of Printemps Haussmann and had the opportunity to collaborate with Maison Breguet for a product launching. She also works for Maison Sia and Truffaut as consultant and provides advices to start-up like the website Flowerness in artistic direction.


Potel & Chabot


Lily's flowers story is also a story of meetings and friendships. She met Delphine Manivet who asked her to flower her showrooms and events, she initiated Lily to her bohemian atmosphere and the wedding sphere. One day, a bride who knew Lily's skills, ask her to make a hairpiece with the end cutting and scraps of her dress. Ever since, Lily shapes some bridal hairpieces in word-of-mouth referrals.

The Galeries Lafayette Haussmann were the first to trust her by offering her a store window to expose her work during several months. It's the declic. However, it's the meeting with Rime Arodaky who gave her the momemtum, Rime offers her to express fully her creatve freedom during the fashion shows and campaigns since 2012.


Défilé Rime Arodaky


Lily knew, as time went by, to give priority to her research. She learns French tradiional handcraft techniques at Mátiers d'Art to nourish her knowledge and studies fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris. In 2016, she's honoured to be included among the designers of the guidebook Made in Paris meeting the criteria of French Savoir-Faire and to be invited to expose her work at Made In Paris exhibition by the city of Paris. 



Our values


Yes to creativity and style but with love and an environmentally friendly process. Her lifestyle as well as her work reflects perfectly her positive attitude and her love for sharing. Since the beginning, Lily adopts an environmental chart and privilege the buying of seasonal flowers and the responsible purchasing. We exclusively work with local productors called Ile de France who cultivate around Paris their seasonal plants. It allows us to reduce the impact on the environment from the long-distance transport and the energy consumption of the green houses in out of season.


Photo Lily Griffiths


The seasonal flowers are more qualitative because they didn't suffer the bad condition from the forced cultivation. We don't stock any flowers and don't want a cold-room. We only do some custom work and wish our flowers arriving to you directly from the grower. It's the garantee of the freshness of our flowers that we order especially for you, they are cutted on the eve and delivered directly to you.